Why Enterprises need better Expense Management Software like BAZ

If your business organization still believes in manual processing of expenses, then you need to rethink the time and money it’s costing you. More than dozens of receipts are generated every day through manual processing. These receipts either end up in pockets or briefcases wrinkled or lost forever. But these receipts are valuable when organizations want to evaluate their overall travel expense. As per Global Business Travel Association, 4 percent increase in costs of travel expense and management in 2018 has transferred sheer pressure on many organizations who are already struggling to maintain a proper employee expense management. So, is there a way out for corporate companies?

Well, in an era where a majority of the business's process is automated and simplified, an expense management solution is also available. Today on the internet, there is an abundance of expense management software for a small business, but one tracker which is already used by various large organizations is BAZ. BAZ is system project of Empronc solutions private limited forged for serving multiple purposes. BAZ as a business expense tracker helps to create an expense report for a corporate organization.

Challenges Tamed by BAZ as Expense Management System

By now you must have understood error-prone traits of an expense management system. Expense tracking software was built to overcome various hurdles of a company, but there were few challenges which did not disappear. These expense management challenges are

  1. Troublesome processes
  2. Reimbursements
  3. Expense policy management
  4. Overlooked travel expenses
  5. Expense Frauds

Troublesome processes

Still using spread sheets to manage your expense data? Manual processes are troublesome when thousands of employees send their information. But the real problem is with paper receipts which either go missing or provide inaccurate information. Troubleshooting such disastrous group of scenarios never aids an enterprise's expense management software. In fact, it puts more pressure on expense managers to handle the situation.

This situation is where organizations should think about investing in an expense tracking software. Business expense tracker like BAZ is an expense management solution that can aid companies getting rid of paperwork. Automated software stores a digital copy of printed receipts. This feature helps corporate to record all their expense and analyze the best possible outcome.


How long does the corporation take to initiate reimbursements? Well, there is no fixed duration, but it all comes to an expense report. A successful organization has to send its employees on business trips to expand their business. Business trips might get cancelled eventually, but it puts an employee's money in Jeopardy. Once again, if the corporation take a lot of time to initiate reimbursements, then chances of employees participating in business trips reduces simultaneously.

Delayed reimbursements have always been a hurdle for organizations, but what if it was automated? BAZ as an Expense management solution initiates reimbursements at the juncture of a business trip cancellation. This feature could help organizations to save time and avoid disputes with their employees.

Expense policy management

Complicated expense policies are a nightmare for employees. Most of the organizations enforce an expense policy which is hard to understand. Employees are hardly aware of these policies and their regular changes. An organization's employee would never understand daily limits of an expense policy. A bizarre thing about these expense policies is they keep changing with every business trip. This situation is where an expense manager had to step up for explaining a particular expense policy to employees.

But a lot of times, it is not easy to get familiar with an expense policy. So, BAZ comes into the frame to ease complications of expense policy management. Based on a particular business trip, BAZ updates an expense policy to the understanding standards of employees.

Overlooked travel expenses

An expense report does display all the travel expenses, but it does not show best alternatives. Sometimes, the expenses may not make sense and this riddle may never get clear for an expense manager and the corporation. It is a juncture where an organization needs a reliable expense management solution.

Could there be better expense tracking software than BAZ? A robust expense management system like BAZ gives all the vital information to initiate an investigation. Looking at the statistics, an expense manager could easily track overlooked travel expenses.

Expense Frauds

When an organization opts for manual processing of spreadsheets, it gets relatively easy to alter expense reports. The alteration in expense statistics symbolizes a fraud at an unpredictable level. This fraud creates disputes between employees and administration. These frauds are the reason why enterprises invest in an expense management system.

BAZ as an expense tracking software makes the entire expense handling system flawless and error-free. This feature of BAZ also reduces chances of fraud.

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