How to reduce Procure-to-Pay challenges using BAZ

A procure-to-pay or P2P process is where enterprises and suppliers do business. The suppliers export goods for which organizations pay them. This process is the responsibility of strategic sourcing and procurement department. Employees of procurement departments search for right suppliers, negotiating contracts, and try to forge an ideal purchasing cycle. But Traditional approaches of this department are still in pursuit while they got deteriorated a long time ago. Due to this approach, procurement efficiency has gone down in recent years, and corporates no longer benefit their vendors.

The procurement department has always played its part in an enterprise's success. But department's methods are not reliable anymore. The best alternative could be purchase order processing software. Purchase order software automates entire procurement department's manual processes. The implementation of automation in procurement sector can be revolutionary. The abundance of these tools on the internet could confuse line managers, but one such extraordinary purchase order software for small business is BAZ.

BAZ is a product of Empronc private limited which was built to serve multiple purposes. Purchase to pay software could restore procurement efficiency and revenue. Let's find those traits that justify BAZ superiority over other simple purchase order software.

Solutions for P2P Challenges

While organizations make significant progress financially, Procure-to-pay challenges cannot be unseen. Here are some P2P challenges

  1. Qualified Suppliers
  2. Disparate Systems and Processes
  3. Cost Reduction
  4. Invoice Variances
  5. Security

Qualified Suppliers

Enterprises cannot settle with suppliers who do not understand business. Factors like purchasing cost, delivery speed, quality, and quantity help organizations to differentiate qualified suppliers. Generally, it takes a lot of time to evaluate a supplier's potential. A majority of the time, corporate suffer while hiring a supplier. Culpable manual processes are the primary reason why enterprises settle with mediocre ranged suppliers.

Purchase order management software helps procurement departments discover potential suppliers for business. The advance feature of purchase order software helps procurement managers to sort suppliers. BAZ publishes a finalized list of suppliers with whom business contracts get a green light. In the future, a farther evaluation ensures business flexibility.

Disparate System and Processes

Large business organizations have custom built tools and processes to handle procurement. It is inevitable that not all business organizations succeed in their efforts. Sourcing, procurement, and accounts payable functions are different departments in an enterprise. Procurement departments have always lacked standardization. This decentralized way of organizing essential procurement process leads nowhere.

BAZ is one of the best purchase order software to centralize all the procurement processes. The centralized system minimizes chances of error occurrence and streamlines all the processes. This strategy by BAZ reduces downtime. It also gets easy for different departments to blend into a single centralized system. Performance and efficiency of each department could vary drastically. Hence, procure-to-pay automation is the only way out.

Cost Reduction

It is no longer unknown to the world that business organizations try different strategies to reduce cost. Cutting cost on a majority of business functions is a challenge. This cost reduction analytics has to be done by procurement managers. Analyzing proposals, Searching for qualified vendors, and maintaining purchases are some responsibilities of procurement managers. These same tasks can be automated through purchase to pay software.

BAZ is ideal purchase order software in India. It automates all the activities of procurement department and calculates for best possible alternatives. These alternatives provide various methods for reducing cost in the production of goods. This feature of BAZ makes Empronc private limited the best purchase to pay software providers in the Indian market.

Invoice variances

Large business organizations always process a lot of purchase orders. The purchasing department has to review and scrutinize these invoices. A majority of the time, the variance could be found in purchase price and invoice. This miss-match in invoices is ineffective when the time is money for your enterprise. Thus, purchase to pay software is a necessity for enterprises.

Purchase order software like BAZ matches invoices automatically from the database. It sets a minimum threshold value to categorize invoices. This feature of BAZ saves accounts payable staff's valuable time.


Data is more valuable than money for many organizations. No disaster recovery policy of a company could save servers from being attacked or morphed. The downtime of computer servers could damage company’s revenue. In this instance, initiating any of the procurement processes could result in essential data loss. The best possible solution is purchase order software embedded with cloud facilities.

The cloud along with purchase to pay software is a good alternative for storing data. Enterprises should be more open to adopting cloud technology which could standardize entire procurement department. The security features of cloud technology ensure data's safety and security. BAZ integrates itself with any of the cloud services

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